A selection of short videos of our goats

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2014 Videos

 March 2014
The weather was lovely and sunny so I let the mums and babies out in the field
This little one is just 1 week old

2013 Videos

3rd October 2013
Autumn and the leaves are falling, They wolfed the branches I broke off for them.

17th August 2013
Pollyanna Ziggy with her newborn kid and then the second one is born,

21st July 2013
Latest female kid decides it is more fun to jump on everybody's back!

27th May 2013
Damsel and her 2 week old kid who is having a right old time bouncing around

19th May 2013
Damsel and her 3 day old wether kid outside for the first time

2011 Videos

15th October 2011
Wether kids first thing in the morning, just let out.

20th May 2011
This video was taken mainly of my Jack Russell pup when she was learning to be around the goats without chasing them, but as the goats are on the video, I thought I would post it here as well


2010 Videos

First time out in the field - 11th March 2010

2009 Videos

Pollyanna Jessica with her 2 male kids Flash & Gordon 26th Dec 2009

Kids playing in the shed - 28th July 2009

Pollyanna Jade with her 2 week old kids - 27th July 2009

Pollyanna Bonnie with her 4 week old kids - 27th July 2009

Pollyanna Fenne with her 5 week old kids - 27th July 2009  

Pollyanna Ivy with her 4 day old kids - 3rd January 2009

2008 Videos

Females out at grass - 5th June 2008


Pollyanna Sky with her 5 week old female kids - 7th September 2008

Coming home for tea - 22nd October 2008