A few of our kids

2013 Kids

The first time I have kidded in nearly 2 years due to having a disastrous time last time with multiple cesareans, I was put off breeding, but after missing having kids bouncing about the place, I decided to try again.
Latest Born are at the top, scroll down for others born earlier on.
Born 17th August 2013
Two Smashing little boys
(Video of the birth of the second one on the Video page)

Born 3rd June 2013

Lovely little Chocolate girl


The first one born is a lovely little boy, Mum: Damsel, Dad: Flash
Born 16th May 2013
kidding was straightforward with no problems :-)


2011 Kids
July 2011
Last kid born in 2011
    Just born          &       a few days old

April 2011

March 2011

February 2011

January 2011



2009 & 2010 Kids
 All kids below were born in either Dec 2009
or throughout 2010
Scroll down for the older photos, latest ones are at the top of the page

   August 2010


 June 2010
Wait for us mum!!!!!

  May 2010
Pollyanna Sky with her new born kids
(within seconds of being born)

And again 45 minutes later

March 2010

Fun in the sun


Mums and babies out enjoying the sunshine

Jan/Feb 2010

 Mums are so useful for reaching the hay rack!